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Blog Posts in November, 2015

Avoiding Common Illnesses When You Travel for the Holidays

Contracting a respiratory infection or a food-borne illness while you’re traveling can put a damper on your holiday plans. It’s a good idea to know the location of a hospital at your ...
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A Guide to Healthier Holiday Eating

Cookies, pies, and eggnog abound during the holiday festivities, offering temptation for even the most stalwart of dieters. San Jose residents who are following special diets for health reasons may ...
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Knowing the Facts About Fever

A fever isn’t an illness. Rather, an atypical increase in body temperature can be a symptom of an underlying medical problem, such as an infection. Most people who feel feverish can recover at ...
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How to Prevent Common Flu Complications

Influenza is a viral infection that can cause mild to severe symptoms. In some cases, the flu may lead to death. Certain people may be more likely to develop serious complications of the flu, such as ...
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