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Appreciating Neonatal Nurses

If you’re anticipating the birth of your child, you may have already taken a tour of the maternity wing at Regional Medical Center of San Jose. At our community hospital, a team of highly trained providers works closely together to uphold best practices for mother and baby. Neonatal nurses play an important role in the maternity department. When an infant is born with special medical needs, a neonatal nurse is one of the professionals who will care for him or her.

Background and Training

The journey to become a neonatal nurse starts with an undergraduate degree in a nursing program. After earning an undergraduate degree, prospective neonatal nurses may complete a master’s degree and perhaps go on to complete a doctoral degree. Neonatal nurses obtain extensive experience working in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and some of them also have general experience in pediatrics and well-newborn nurseries.

Roles and Responsibilities

The neonatal period of an infant’s life is the first 28 days of life. By definition, neonatal nurses provide care for infants during this time, although some infants will require specialized care beyond this point. A neonatal nurse is specifically trained to care for infants who were born with special medical needs that require them to remain within the NICU. Some examples of these medical needs include congenital heart defects, premature birth, low birth weight, respiratory impairment, and severe illnesses—just to name a few. Neonatal nurses perform a range of important tasks in the NICU, including changing feeding tubes, evaluating and adjusting monitoring devices, administering medications, and performing intubations. Babies need emotional and social support. Neonatal nurses provide that support by holding and rocking babies when the parents must be elsewhere.

Parent Education and Guidance

Another important aspect of neonatal nursing is providing parental education. Neonatal nurses help parents learn about their infants’ medical conditions and special needs. They can clarify discharge instructions and help parents connect with additional resources when needed.

The maternity care team at Regional Medical Center of San Jose provides compassionate health services to the youngest of patients. Our neonatal nurses in San Jose are all highly trained professionals who are committed to improving outcomes for families. If you have questions about the Family Birthing Center in San Jose, you can contact a registered nurse at (888) 762-8881.