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How Natural Disasters Can Influence Heart Attack Risk

Effective heart attack prevention plans require a multifaceted approach. Patients can be proactive by managing underlying medical conditions, eating nutritional and well-balanced meals, and exercising on most days of the week. Although this is generally common knowledge, the role of stress in adverse cardiac events is often underestimated, and chronic stress isn’t the only type to influence a person’s heart health. Sudden, severe episodes of stress, such as those caused by natural disasters, may cause some people to seek emergency care at a heart hospital, such as Regional Medical Center of San Jose.

Understanding the Role of Stress
Watch this featured video to find out how natural disasters can give rise to heart attacks. This physician explains that when a person sustains injuries or experiences a natural disaster, multiple bodily systems are activated in response. Among these is the release of certain hormones that instruct the body to increase its oxygen consumption, heart rate, and similar functions. These responses cause the heart to work harder. Since other tissues have increased oxygen consumption, the heart cannot get enough oxygen for itself. The doctor featured in this video explains that this effect can trigger a heart attack.

Knowing What to Do
The periods during and after a natural disaster are typically chaotic. Families may be searching for loved ones, checking on their homes, seeking medical care, and looking for much-needed supplies. Yet, despite the flurry of activity that follows a natural disaster, it’s important to remain aware of what your body is trying to tell you. Seek emergency care if abnormal changes develop. These often include chest pain, but might involve subtler symptoms like jaw pain, dizziness, cold sweats, and fatigue. Getting emergency care could save your life.

Regional Medical Center of San Jose is an accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI-a designation that reflects the dedication of our heart hospital to upholding the highest standards of patient care and safety. Families in San Jose are urged to call 911 if any signs of a possible heart attack develop. If you have a non-emergent question about our heart hospital services, you can call a registered nurse at (888) 762-8881.