10 Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress


Chronic stress is associated with many adverse health effects. Men and women who suffer from continuous stress often have diminished immune systems, high blood pressure, hair loss, fertility problems, and much more. Unfortunately, many Americans have difficult jobs, regularly commute long distances in heavy traffic, and struggle with financial issues that can result in a fair amount of stress. To preserve your health and avoid the complications of chronic stress, it is important to develop skills to reduce your stress level. Get started with the 10 healthy ways to reduce stress listed below.

  1. Exercise
    Making time for regular physical activity , even if it is just walking, is one of the best ways to combat chronic stress. Try to get out and exercise at least once a day, for most days of the week.
  2. Sleep
    Getting adequate amounts of restful sleep each night will help you to relax during the day. Being rested will also help you to confront stressful situations more effectively.
  3. Hobbies
    Immersing yourself in creative hobbies that you enjoy can help to distract your mind from stressful situations. Try drawing, painting, knitting, or other crafts.
  4. Write
    Writing out your feelings, whatever they may be, can help you to identify the underlying causes of your stresses. Writing a to-do list can also be helpful in reducing stress.
  5. Breathe
    Chronic stress can often cause us to breathe rapidly and shallowly, exacerbating our already negative moods. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply.
  6. Prioritize
    If you simply have too many things to do, remember that it is okay to turn down more responsibilities. Take time for yourself.
  7. Volunteer
    Taking part in community service can be a great de-stressor if you have extra time. Volunteer in projects that you enjoy and believe in.
  8. Meditation
    Meditation, whether it is guided or unguided, can help to relax the mind, body, and spirit.
  9. Yoga
    Practicing yoga by yourself or with others promotes full-body relaxation, while toning your muscles and improving flexibility.
  10. Pets
    If you struggle with chronic stress, you may consider adopting and caring for a pet.

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