Regional Medical Center of San Jose Recognized at City Press Conference on Gang Violence

RMC was invited to participate in a press conference at San Jose City Hall on Friday June 22 and was well represented by Dr. Elaine Nelson/Medical Director of Emergency Services, Trey Abshier/COO, Tina Bray/ACNO and Debbie Mackey. The purpose was to announce a greater City focus on preventing gang violence and solving cases that have been unsolved to date. SJ Mayor Chuck Reed, Councilwoman Rose Herrera, SJ Police Chief, Chris Moore, SJ Fire Chief, representatives from Rural Metro and the faith-based community participated and Mayor Reed announced $2 million dollars that have been restored to assist in preventing gang violence in San Jose.

Dr. Nelson spoke about the tragedy of seeing young people die senselessly and wondering what their life could have been.  She emphasized RMC’s partnership with all of our EMS partners to deliver the best care possible to our patients.  She also received questions from the press following the formal press conference.  

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