• Understand the Dangers of Obesity

    Obesity is a prevalent problem in America that can cause serious health issues, including heart disease, joint damage, asthma, and certain cancers. It is important to realize that obesity does not simply occur overnight, and that it is the result of gradual weight gain.

    In this video , you can get an idea of just how easy it is for only 10 to 20 pounds to damage the body. As you’ll see, people are asked to carry sandbags of extra weight to feel how it affects their bodies. The participants are surprised at the immediate impact that this weight has on posture and comfort.

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  • When Is Joint Replacement Surgery Necessary?

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    As the body ages, the effects of osteoarthritis can set in, and the joints may become weak. Pain, stiffness, and inflammation may be a disruptive part of daily life, and joint replacement might be required when symptoms have progressed enough. Because the damage to joints is degenerative and irreversible, joint replacement surgery is fairly common in patients who are suffering from joint pain in the hips, knees, or shoulders. Today’s methods of joint replacement have made patient recovery fairly easy after surgery, but you still may hold off on surgery until you meet the following criteria:

    • Daily activities are disrupted by pain: When you cannot enjoy the activities that you love, the more intensive approach of surgery may be the best way to get you back to your routine. The risks of surgery will be outweighed by the benefits if you are unable to sustain your regular lifestyle because of joint injuries or degenerative issues.
    • Conservative therapies have been insufficient: Your doctor may recommend alternative therapies before resorting to surgery for your condition, as these can be successful. These treatments may include pain medication, cortisone injections, and physical therapy. When they are not effective in offering relief, joint replacement may come up in discussion among you and your doctor.
    • Other health issues are not a factor: Sometimes, surgery may be avoided due to other health conditions that are not necessarily associated with your joint pain. Conditions of this nature could include infection or immune deficiencies that could make surgery more of a risk. If these conditions are not an issue, there should be few potential complications with your surgery.

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  • For More About Staying Healthy, Visit These Sites

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  • Why You Should Take Your Blood Pressure Seriously

    High blood pressure is a common health condition that is known to pose an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. However, these diseases are not the only reason you should watch your blood pressure and make changes in your life to maintain it. As this video explains, high blood pressure has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s, which is a devastating degenerative disease that affects cognitive function in older adults.

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  • The Benefits of Robotically-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery


    Surgical technologies have improved significantly in recent decades, and today, many surgical procedures are able to produce better results with a lower risk because of one of the most important advancements in surgical technology approved by the FDA in the year 2000: daVinci robotically-assisted surgery . The daVinci system features a control panel operated by the surgeon that controls a set of specialized tools used to perform minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery. This technology has many advantages over traditional surgical methods, which are discussed in further detail below.

    Better surgeon control: The arms of the daVinci system are capable of movements beyond the range of motion of the human hand, and they can perform with enough delicacy to peel the skin off of a grape. The surgeon operating the system has precise control over these tools so that there is a minimal chance for damage to tissue surrounding the surgical site.

    Improved patient recovery: Laparoscopic surgery is performed through small incisions that allow access for surgical instruments to reach the site where repair to the tissue is necessary. This means that there is minimal impact on the body from surgery and that scarring will be barely visible. Patients are encouraged to get up and walk around right after surgery, and regular activities can generally be resumed within a few days.

    Shorter hospital stay: Patients are typically able to leave the hospital the day of their procedure, which should last about one to two hours. This allows for a more comfortable recovery at home and a lower cost for surgery because patients are not billed for an overnight hospital stay.

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  • Using Robotic Surgery for Women’s Health

    Hysterectomy is a common procedure for women that may be needed for the treatment of a variety of conditions affecting the uterus. With robotic surgery by daVinci, women have better outcomes with this surgery and face fewer risks during the surgical procedure. You can discover more about the benefits of daVinci robotic surgery for hysterectomy with this educational video .

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  • Regional Medical Center Named Single Site Surgery Robotic Epicenter for the da Vinci Surgical Robot!

    Dr. Huy Nguyen

    RMC has been named a single site surgery Robotic Epicenter for the da Vinci Surgical Robot! An Epicenter is a national network of select hospitals and surgeons who have extensive da Vinci surgical experience.

    Regional is one of just 3 single site surgery epicenters in the U.S. The designation means physicians from around the country and the world will be travelling to Regional to learn about robotic single site applications from Dr. Huy Nguyen (pictured) and other single site robotic surgeons who anchor their practices here.

    Regional has been a leader in single site robotic surgery cases since we started the program here earlier this year, and are thrilled that this designation gives us national and international recognition for our technology and expertise! For more information about Regional Medical Center, visit our website today!

  • Are You at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease?

    Heart Health

    Heart disease is a condition that accounts for about 25% of fatalities every year, as reported by the CDC in 2008, and heart disease remains a prevalent health problem for American adults of all ethnicities and backgrounds. In spite of the fact that heart disease can be prevented with healthy lifestyle habits, it continues to be diagnosed in individuals with high risk factors like those listed below.

    • Obesity: Because overweight individuals are often not committed to the right kind of diet and exercise routine to support healthy cardiovascular activity, being overweight has a significant impact on the heart. Plus, the heart simply has to work harder to pump blood through the body when the body is a larger stature. Fortunately, even small changes can make great improvement in heart health, so it is never too late to reverse the health risks of obesity. Getting active is the first step to a healthier lifestyle, and this can be much easier with the help of exercise classes to guide you into better shape.
    • Smoking: People who regularly smoke cigarettes are at a higher risk for a long list of pulmonary and cardiovascular conditions because smoking raises cholesterol, slows circulation, and reduces lung capacity. Quitting smoking now will dramatically reduce these health risks in a short period of time, as your health actually starts to improve after just one day of not using cigarettes.
    • Family history: If other members of your family have had heart disease, you are more likely to have it yourself. A history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can also raise the likelihood of heart disease, so you may have to work harder to maintain good health if these conditions run in your family.

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