When Is Joint Replacement Surgery Necessary?

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As the body ages, the effects of osteoarthritis can set in, and the joints may become weak. Pain, stiffness, and inflammation may be a disruptive part of daily life, and joint replacement might be required when symptoms have progressed enough. Because the damage to joints is degenerative and irreversible, joint replacement surgery is fairly common in patients who are suffering from joint pain in the hips, knees, or shoulders. Today’s methods of joint replacement have made patient recovery fairly easy after surgery, but you still may hold off on surgery until you meet the following criteria:

  • Daily activities are disrupted by pain: When you cannot enjoy the activities that you love, the more intensive approach of surgery may be the best way to get you back to your routine. The risks of surgery will be outweighed by the benefits if you are unable to sustain your regular lifestyle because of joint injuries or degenerative issues.
  • Conservative therapies have been insufficient: Your doctor may recommend alternative therapies before resorting to surgery for your condition, as these can be successful. These treatments may include pain medication, cortisone injections, and physical therapy. When they are not effective in offering relief, joint replacement may come up in discussion among you and your doctor.
  • Other health issues are not a factor: Sometimes, surgery may be avoided due to other health conditions that are not necessarily associated with your joint pain. Conditions of this nature could include infection or immune deficiencies that could make surgery more of a risk. If these conditions are not an issue, there should be few potential complications with your surgery.

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