Learn Which Fad Diets to Avoid When Setting New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

Achieving a healthy weight is a worthwhile goal to have for 2013. However, it’s important to choose the right method of weight loss. This video explains why the hCG diet is one fad to ignore while trying to reach your weight loss goals.

Implementing healthy lifestyle habits like eating a sensible diet and exercising on a regular basis are the two most effective measures for taking off weight in a healthy way. However, some people still attempt to shed pounds using dangerous fad diets that promise quick results. The hCG diet is one such fad that has been gaining in popularity over the past several years. Proponents of this weight loss method claim that participants can reach their ideal weight with a combination of a severely restricted calorie diet and chemical supplements that suppress appetite. This diet can be extremely detrimental to one’s health and should never be used as a way to lose weight.

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