What Is Involved in Rehabilitation After a Stroke?

Stroke can be a devastating event, no matter how minor the episode. Stroke compromises brain function, but until the patient has stabilized, healthcare providers often cannot know the extent of the side effects. However, advances in stroke care have made it possible for the medical community to provide better treatment that can more quickly stabilize patients and get them into rehabilitation programs. With swift, consistent, and appropriate rehabilitative care, stroke victims can again regain their independence and quality of life.

Brain stroke

Care Immediately Following Stroke

Most medical professionals advocate stroke rehabilitation just as soon as the patient has been determined to be out of immediate danger. In some cases, recovery and rehabilitation may begin in as little as 48 hours following stroke. During this early stage of stroke care, healthcare providers will assess the extent of a patient’s brain damage and its effect on his or her capabilities. Stroke can affect individuals in a myriad of ways, but typically, one side of the body suffers a range of paralysis that can impact speech, eye-hand coordination, and walking ability.

Care In the Weeks After Stroke

Once a patient is well enough to leave the primary care facility, he or she will begin a physical therapy program aimed at rehabilitation. Some individuals might enter an in-patient facility for a matter of weeks to start intensive treatment, while others may undergo outpatient stroke care once they are situated back in their homes. Physical therapy can be beneficial in many ways. Patients can relearn their coordination skills and retrain their body to perform certain actions. Rehabilitative physical therapy can also strengthen weakened muscles and force the brain to reassign function from a damaged area of the mind to a healthy one.

Continuing Care Post Stroke

Often, friends and family members play a large role in the continuing rehabilitative efforts of a stroke victim. Though many individuals can go on to enjoy complete recovery from stroke, for some, it can take months or years of ongoing stroke care to regain full function and coordination.

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