Why You Should Set a Goal to Get Fit This Year

Getting fit is beneficial for many reasons. Physical activity can translate into a slimmer physique, a better mood, and even a stronger brain. Of course, it can provide numerous advantages for the prevention of several life-threatening diseases as well. If you need a little encouragement to put your goals for getting in shape into action, look over the following reasons.

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Exercise can protect against heart disease

Heart disease continues to be a widespread problem for both men and women in the United States. Though some risk factors like family history cannot be changed, you can do your part to ward off heart disease by starting a regular physical fitness program. Consistent exercise strengthens the heart , allowing it to be more effective in pumping blood throughout the body. This can diminish blood pressure and increase oxygen supply to all the vital organs.

Exercise can reduce cancer dangers

Physical activity can protect more than just the heart. Experts recommend regular exercise as a preventative measure against cancer. Though the direct link between physical fitness and cancer has yet to be fully explored, researchers believe that it rests upon a person’s immune system. Exercise boosts the immune system, which protects the body from potentially dangerous intruders, including cancer cells. To decrease your risk for cancer, stay active.

Exercise may lessen your risk for diabetes

The medical community has witnessed an alarming surge in the number of type-II diabetes diagnoses over the past several years. Obesity plays a large role in the onset of type-II diabetes, which is why consistent physical activity is important for your health. With regular exercise, you lessen your potential for gaining weight, thus reducing your risk for type-II diabetes as well.

Make 2013 your year of good health. Call Regional Medical Center of San Jose today at (408) 259-4000 to find out more about what steps you can take to achieve your fitness goals. We offer Pilates classes for those looking for a fun and easy way to incorporate exercise into their daily routine.

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