The Importance of Short ER Wait Times


Having access to urgent care during a health emergency can significantly impact a person’s future wellbeing. When you or a loved one is sick or hurt, you deserve appropriate medical attention. If emergency treatment is needed, waiting minutes or even seconds can affect not only your recovery, but also your survival. The following reasons highlight the differences that short ER wait times at Regional Medical Center of San Jose can make.

Faster Medical Attention
Patients with sudden critical health problems go to the emergency room to get immediate care and comfort. Though minor health issues can be addressed with at-home treatment, problems like a broken arm, severe burn, or asthma attack demand help that only a trained medical professional can provide. Because so many medical emergencies result in considerable discomfort, a short ER wait time also means getting the swift relief you need for your pain.

Increased Survival Rates
Some medical emergencies can become life threatening in a matter of minutes. If you suspect that you may be suffering from a heart attack or stroke, you cannot wait for delayed treatment. Studies have shown that when individuals receive quick medical attention for these conditions, they are more likely to survive them. That’s why a short ER wait time can directly impact a person’s ability to survive a major health crisis.

Swifter Recovery Periods
The importance of a short ER wait time extends beyond a person’s chance to live through a medical emergency. It affects his or her long-term quality of life, too. Consider stroke victims. Every minute they must wait for urgent care is another minute their brains are deprived of oxygen. As a result, stroke victims may suffer irrevocable brain damage that compromises their mobility, senses, and independence. When the wellbeing of a loved one is at risk, make sure your urgent care facility has a short ER wait time.

Regional Medical Center of San Jose offers online updates to our ER wait time every 30 minutes. We also provide a text messaging feature that allows San Jose area patients to access our most current emergency room waiting time. To learn more about our facility’s urgent care and stroke care services, call (408) 259-4000.

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