Encouraging Dad to Improve His Prostate Health

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With Father’s Day and Men’s Health Week approaching, you might feel inspired to provide your dad with some positive encouragement to improve his health. One way that you can work to give your dad the gift of health this Father’s Day is by offering some prostate health reminders. The tips below can help you get your dad on track to better prostate health while celebrating his special day.

Prepare a healthy Father’s Day meal
Research has shown that regularly consuming vegetables in the broccoli family can significantly reduce a man’s risk for prostate cancer. Cooked tomatoes, omega-3 rich varieties of fish, and olive oil have also shown positive effects in prostate cancer prevention, so you might include all of these foods in a nutritious Father’s Day dinner to show your dad the best way to dine for his health.

Take a long hike
Men who are obese have greater chances of developing both aggressive and non-aggressive types of prostate cancer. If your dad is not at his ideal weight, you might help him get up and get moving with a long hike outdoors. Not only will the exercise be helpful for weight management, but the nature views and fresh air of a hike can also provide some therapeutic stress relief.

Schedule an annual checkup for dad
Instead of giving dad a typical greeting card for Father’s Day, you might give him a reminder card for his next annual checkup at the doctor’s office. Visiting the doctor regularly will help your dad manage his prostate cancer risk better and explore the benefits of prostate cancer screening after the age of 50.

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