What You Need to Know About Mammograms for Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Awareness

A mammogram can significantly impact your future wellbeing. This noninvasive procedure can offer a glimpse into your breast health that a self-examination and clinical examination cannot. That’s why Regional Medical Center of San Jose urges women in the greater San Jose community to undergo this vital preventative screening.

What role do mammograms play in breast cancer prevention?
A mammogram is an x-ray process that yields images of breast tissue. Examinations can detect the possible presence of breast cancer once the disease has manifested conspicuous symptoms. In contrast, a mammogram can reveal potential signs of breast cancer well before it has become sizeable enough to be felt or seen. As a result, a mammogram can help doctors find breast cancer before it has grown or spread to other sites.

How does the mammogram procedure work?
Women who undergo mammogram screenings must partially disrobe to allow unobstructed access to the breasts. For the comfort of each patient, discretion is of top priority during a mammogram screening. The x-ray machine compresses the breast, one at a time, to provide as clear an image as possible. The entire process is usually done in less than an hour and in complete privacy.

Why do breast care experts recommend mammograms for women over 40?
Though breast cancer can affect those under the age of 40, the disease most commonly occurs in older women. To increase the odds of finding a cancerous mass while it is still contained to the primary site, mammograms are advised for women 40 years old or older. Combined with monthly self-examinations and doctor-administered evaluations, mammograms can facilitate early breast cancer detection and breast care.

Do you have more questions about what happens during a mammogram? The staff at Regional Medical Center of San Jose would be glad to address your concerns and answer any questions you have about breast care. Call (408) 259-4000 to speak with a representative at our San Jose facility. Should you experience a medical issue that requires emergency assistance, our iTriage Symptom Checker can tell our doctors that you are on your way.

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