Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Weight gain is so prevalent around the holidays that many people simply resign themselves to adding on a few pounds. However, even five pounds can have a damaging impact on your health. The more weight that you carry, the more stress that you place on your heart and joints. More weight can also increase your risk of problems such as type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. You can avoid these health pitfalls by sticking to the following wellness tips. For more health suggestions, contact Regional Medical Center of San Jose .

Healthy Lifestyle

Keep Gift Baskets Off Your Desk
Gift baskets are common sights around the holiday season. Yet the delicious foods and beverages they bear can contain a considerable amount of calories. Instead of trying to ignore the tempting snacks on your work desk. If you don’t want to get rid of your gift basket, put it in a less conspicuous spot. Should you want to forego eating the treats that your gift basket contains, give it to a friend or coworker.

Adjust Your Exercise Regimen to Fit Your Schedule
Consistent exercise is a fundamental component of a healthy lifestyle. If mounting holiday engagements are getting in the way of your workout sessions, find an alternate schedule until the holidays are done for another year. Change your daily swimming sessions to your lunch hour, or get in your run before work instead of after you come home.

Avoid Stress-Related Snacking Habits
The holiday season offers a wide array of delectable dishes. For some people, though, the draw of these foods is not their taste. Stress can run high during the holidays when your boss, family, and friends all are demanding more of your time, energy, and attention. As a result, you may turn to food to put your feelings of anxiety at ease. When you feel your stress levels rising, turn away from that plate of crab cakes or bag of cookies. Instead, find healthier ways to address your anxiety, such as exercise or meditation.

Regional Medical Center of San Jose can help you ward off unnecessary holiday weight gain. To find out more about the fitness classes we offer to San Jose residents, call (408) 259-4000. You can also visit our website for more detailed listings on our medical services and events.

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