Vaccine Options for the 2013-14 Flu Season

flu 3

Getting any flu shot can significantly lower your chances of contracting it, but you can choose from among more than a half-dozen different vaccine options. Two flu shot varieties safeguard against four strains of the disease. One can be taken as a nasal spray, and the other is given as an injection. The remaining flu vaccine choices provide protection for three forms of the illness. Individuals who would rather not get a traditional flu shot can receive one that enters only the skin and not the underlying muscle tissue. The public can also get an egg-free flu shot. However, those with no egg allergies can safely receive a vaccination containing egg. Some people may opt for the flu shot with a vaccine solution created with cell culture. An especially strong form of the vaccination is available as well for seniors, as they often are more at risk for flu complications such as pneumonia.

Have you received your 2013-14 flu shot? Call Regional Medical Center of San Jose at (408) 259-4000 for a vaccination time. Our San Jose hospital would be happy to explain in further detail your flu shot options.

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