Caring for Your Body During Cancer Treatment with the Right Diet

green and red healthy food

Maintaining a nutritious diet while undergoing cancer treatment may help you heal faster, tolerate the treatment better, and feel more energized. The nutritional needs of cancer patients vary; it’s best to consult the oncology team at your hospital determine your exact needs. In general; however, you can benefit from eating plenty of lean protein, which is essential for the repair of bodily tissues. Getting adequate amounts of protein can help you recover from the cancer treatment and reduce your risk of acquiring infections.

Fuel your body with complex carbohydrates from healthy sources such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. If the odor of cooking foods nauseates you, try bland foods such as unflavored oatmeal. Remember to drink plenty of water, particularly if your cancer treatment causes vomiting. If you have trouble keeping water down, sip it frequently instead of drinking large amounts at a time.

Regional Medical Center of San Jose offers advanced cancer treatments and support services, including nutritional services by referral. Residents of the San Jose area can connect with us today by calling (408) 259-4000. Our hospital also provides compassionate stroke care and urgent care.

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