Changes You Can Expect to See In Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Label

Nutrition labels for processed foods were first required by the FDA in 1990. Since that time, they have remained mostly unchanged. However, the FDA is planning some sweeping changes to make nutrition labels easier for people to understand. While the exact updates have yet to be announced, health advocates expect that the new labels will emphasize calorie content. The number of calories per serving may be highlighted or printed in a bolder font.

Health advocates are also concerned about the excessive amounts of sugar most Americans consume. With the current nutrition labels, the total amount of all types of sugar in a product is combined into one line and expressed in grams. The FDA is expected to require manufacturers to distinguish between the amounts of natural sugar in a product and its added sugar content. In addition, some health advocates have requested that the list of ingredients be printed in a more reader-friendly way, with better spacing. This change would be beneficial for those with vision impairment.

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