• Get Back on Your Feet with Regional Medical Center’s 24/7 Trauma Care

    When planning the day, unanticipated medical emergencies typically do not come to mind. This 30 second spot reminds you that a medical emergency can happen at any time.

    A medical crisis can have ramifications beyond physical injury. It may warrant worries of how long you will not be able to work or what long-term effects your circumstance may produce. Regional Medical Center’s 24/7 trauma care department provides swift and comprehensive treatment so that you can get back to your normal life. Our capable staff can address your healthcare needs with precision and speed, giving you the best means available to recover as soon as possible.

    Should a medical emergency strike, Regional Medical Center of San Jose will be there. For more information on our trauma care services for the San Jose community, call (408) 259-4000.

  • What Is the Impact of Diabetes on Your Brain Health?

    Wire frame brain model

    Diabetes is a medical concern that affects millions of children and adults in the United States. A growing number of people in this country are getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes; a form of the disease that often arises as the result of unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. As more is being discovered about diabetes, healthcare professionals are beginning to understand how it can affect the brain. Studies show that individuals with diabetes may experience more brain shrinkage than otherwise healthy individuals. The longer a person has diabetes, the more significant this side effect can be. Researchers are also seeing a link between brain deterioration and an increased risk of dementia. For these reasons, it is crucial that all individuals maintain nutritious eating habits and regular fitness activities to either prevent the onset of diabetes or control existing cases of it.

    Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? With the right lifestyle behaviors and medical supervision, you can enjoy a healthy future. Call Regional Medical Center of San Jose at (408) 259-4000 to speak with a representative about your healthcare concerns.

  • See What It’s Like at Regional Medical Center of San Jose

    Regional Medical Center of San Jose is more than a hospital—it’s a community of doctors, nurses, and administrators committed to providing outstanding care for San Jose residents.

    This video offers a look at how Regional Medical Center of San Jose has earned its exceptional reputation. Every day, the healthcare professionals at this hospital arrive ready to give their patients the individualized care they need. To ensure the comfort and safety of each patient, Regional Medical Center’s staff relies on specialization, communication, and collaboration. Every physician and nurse has a responsibility, and together, our team members offer unparalleled medical treatment.

    Do you want to learn more about Regional Medical Center of San Jose’s services? Call (408) 259-4000 today to speak with a nurse about how we can address your healthcare needs.