Holiday Travel Tips to Help You Prevent Common Winter Illnesses

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Traveling is an essential part of the holiday season for many people, but it can raise your chances of getting sick by exposing you to a vast world of germs on planes, at gas stations, in the airport, and in any other area where travelers gather to reach their holiday destinations. To prevent a cold or flu from ruining your holiday fun, keep these helpful tips in mind for healthier traveling this winter.

Boost Your Vitamin Intake

You can fortify your immune system by skipping junk food options and snacking on fresh fruit, nuts, and veggie sticks. These choices can offer beneficial vitamins and nutrients that help your body fight off seasonal viruses more effectively. You might also ask your doctor about herbal supplements and vitamins that can give you a bigger immunity boost when you need it. Drinking extra water to stay hydrated is another helpful way to support your immune health when illnesses are on the rise.

Dress for the Weather

Going out in the cold will not necessarily give you a cold, but it will make you more likely to get sick. If you travel to cold areas, make sure that you pack the right clothing and bundle up. Airports and planes also tend to be relatively chilly, so you will want to travel with a jacket and warm shoes to play it safe.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Proper hand washing cannot be emphasized enough during flu season—especially if you are around large crowds of people during your travels. Almost every surface in a public area might be covered in germs during flu season, but washing your hands frequently will help you avoid further transmission of these germs. When you wash your hands, make sure that you use plenty of soap and scrub vigorously for at least 20 seconds. The amount of hand washing you need to stay germ-free might actually begin to dry out your skin, so carry a small tube of lotion to stay moisturized.

Before you travel this winter, call Regional Medical Center’s Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (408) 259-4000 for even more travel health tips. We are there for you 24/7 serving the San Jose community with a wide range of health services

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