Taking a Closer Look at the Flexible Bronchoscopy Procedure

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If you see your physician presenting respiratory problems marked by symptoms such as trouble breathing, chronic coughing, and wheezing, you may be scheduled for a bronchoscopy procedure. This procedure allows physicians to see your airways and lungs to locate a tumor, infection, excess mucus, or a blockage. Flexible bronchoscopy is typically the preferred method for this exam, because it does not require general anesthesia like a rigid bronchoscopy does. You will, however, be given a sedative that may make you sleepy and relaxed while the flexible bronchoscopy tube is used. The bronchoscope is inserted through the mouth and guided by the physician through both of the lungs. The doctor can see images of the bronchi and lungs on a TV screen as the bronchoscope moves through the airways. If any additional interventional pulmonology procedures are needed, the bronchoscope allows the insertion of special tools the doctor can use for biopsy or balloon placement.

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