What You Need to Know to Stay Safe on the Road during the Holidays

hands of driver on the steering wheel

Whether your holiday plans include a long road trip or a short commute to parties and family events, you will want to keep some road safety rules in mind as you hit the road this season. Roads tend to be busiest around the holidays, and not all drivers will be using safe travel tactics. To avoid car accidents and the serious injuries that may result from them this year, remember these important facts about holiday travel on the road.

Road Trips May Take Longer

With more drivers on the road and a higher rate of auto accidents, road trips might take a few hours longer than usual. You should account for this in your travel planning so that you are not in a hurry that could cause you to get in an accident yourself.

Weather Conditions Can Quickly Become Severe

In the wintertime, bad weather can seemingly come out of nowhere when you drive into a storm or climb in elevation. You will want to always be prepared to pull over and wait for a storm to pass by keeping non-perishable healthy snacks and bottled water handy. If you plan to drive through a snowy area, be sure that you have the appropriate tires or chains to put on when needed.

Distractions Are All Around

Today’s technology presents more distractions than ever for drivers, and some may even be built into your dashboard. Remember that driving for any length of time requires your full attention, which means putting the phone down, keeping conversation light, and leaving your eyes on the road. You should never drive when you are too tired or in too much stress to focus behind the wheel.

Impaired Drivers Are on the Road

You can prevent yourself from driving impaired, but holiday festivities do tend to put more drunk drivers on the road. If you see a driver you suspect has been drinking, keep your distance and notify the police as soon as you can.

If the worst does occur on the road this holiday season, the ER and advanced 34-bed ICU at Regional Medical Center of San Jose can provide lifesaving care following an auto accident. You can see the difference of our care by visiting our website or calling us at (408) 259-4000. 

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