Tips for Preventing Illnesses and Injuries in Your School Aged Child

The school environment creates a number of health risks, because children are in close quarters for 8-12 hours per day, which means that illnesses can quickly spread throughout the classroom. Injuries may also be a risk, since children are likely to be more active during the school year. To help your child minimize these health risks and stay healthy in the coming school year, use these helpful tips from Regional Medical Center of San Jose .

Promote transportation safety

Whether your child rides the bus, bikes, or walks to school, you should discuss safety concerns with each mode of transportation. On the bus, your child should wear a seatbelt if the bus is equipped with them. Walking to the bus stop or to school, make sure that your child is aware of pedestrian safety skills to avoid any accidents. Bikers should always wear helmets when they bike to school, and many schools will enforce this rule for children.

Choose the right backpack

It can be easy to forget just how much your child may carry in his or her backpack. With a heavy backpack your child might sustain back or shoulder injuries, so be sure that the backpack is designed to minimize pressure on the back. Hip straps are helpful for more evenly distributing a heavy load, and tightened shoulder straps will be helpful for any backpack design.

Prepare healthy meals

At home and at school, you will want to make sure that your child is eating healthy, balanced meals. Not only will nutritious meals encourage a healthy weight for your child, but they can boost your child’s immune system to reduce illnesses throughout the school year as well.

Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep

Sleep is another significant immune system booster, and it may have long-term benefits on your child’s health too. Children who do not get enough nightly sleep are susceptible to higher blood pressure, which can lead to heart problems later in life. Most children will need at least 9 hours of sleep each night.

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