Give Back to Your Community by Becoming a Blood Donor

Supporting the San Jose community doesn’t necessarily involve a significant commitment of time or money. You can help save lives with just an hour of your time when you decide to become a blood donor. Human blood cannot be artificially manufactured. Regional Medical Center of San Jose and community hospitals around the country rely on blood donations from generous individuals such as you.

Reasons to Donate

There are virtually limitless reasons to become a blood donor . Some people donate because they overcame a medical problem thanks to a blood transfusion. Others donate because a loved one is receiving care in a heart hospital. Donating blood is a charitable act of kindness. However, blood donors also benefit from the process. When you donate blood, you’ll receive a free medical screening. You’ll also be notified if your blood donation tested positive for certain infectious diseases. Additionally, becoming a regular blood donor may lessen your risk of a heart attack because it reduces blood viscosity.

Ways to Donate

You can contact your local hospital to find out about upcoming blood drives. You could also schedule an appointment to give blood by contacting your local office of the American Red Cross. Most commonly, donors give whole blood. However, there are different types of blood donations, including double red cell donation. Double red cell donation takes a little longer to complete than a whole blood donation. Donors must meet higher body weight, height, and hemoglobin requirements. Another type is a platelet donation. An apheresis machine filters the platelets and plasma from the blood. Then, the donor receives the red blood cells and most of the plasma back. The plasma donation is similar; however, the donor receives the red blood cells and platelets back. Or, a donor may give both plasma and platelets.

Regional Medical Center of San Jose would like to thank residents of the San Jose community who make the decision to give the gift of life . Our heart hospital is a full-service medical facility that provides specialized stroke care, breast care, robotic surgery, and other medical services. You can reach a registered nurse at our community hospital by calling (888) 762-8881.

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