How Women’s Stroke Symptoms Differ from Stroke Symptoms in Men

Women are not only more likely than men to suffer a stroke; they are also more likely to ignore stroke symptoms and avoid going to the hospital. As this video from Regional Medical Center physician, Dr. Raul Guisado, explains, seeking immediate care is a necessity for surviving a stroke, so you should head to the hospital whenever you suspect that you may be having a stroke. If you are a woman, you should be aware of some of the more subtle signs of stroke that might alert you that something is wrong. In addition to the sudden signs of stroke, such as numbness or weakness in one side of the body, difficulty speaking or understanding simple statements, and changes in vision, women should look out for the following symptoms that are often not seen in male stroke victims.

Anxious feelings

When suffering a stroke, you may notice feelings of anxiety like jitteriness or an uneasy feeling in your stomach. These symptoms may be amplified by the confusion that stroke can cause . You will want to avoid writing off these feelings as something benign by assuming that you could not be suffering a stroke due to your age or good health. Many of the risk factors for stroke can exist without warning signs, and stroke can strike at any age.

Tightness in the chest

A stroke might feel more similar to a heart attack for some women, as tightness in the chest and shortness of breath are not uncommon. Whether you suspect that you are having a stroke or a heart attack, a 911 call to seek emergency care will be the right step.


Nausea is another unique stroke symptom for women. Many women will describe the experience of having a stroke as feeling generally ill with no explanation for the sudden onset of symptoms.

To learn more about the signs of stroke that you should not ignore, connect with Regional Medical Center of San Jose through our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (888) 762-8881. Our Comprehensive Stroke Center can provide the right care when it matters most, utilizing the most advanced technologies and screenings.

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