What Are the Most Common Types of Trauma?

Trauma refers to any physical injury; in most cases, a traumatic injury causes serious harm and puts your long-term wellness or even your life at risk. When you experience a traumatic injury, it’s essential to seek emergency care at a hospital for a complete evaluation and professional treatment. The Regional Medical Center of San Jose offers urgent care and emergency care for patients in Santa Clara County at our newly-remodeled ER facility.

Road Accidents

Car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents are the most common causes of trauma injuries treated in emergency facilities. The injuries that may result from a road accident can include fractures, soft tissue injuries, and head injuries such as concussions. Road-related trauma varies in severity depending on the type of vehicles involved, the speed of the vehicles during the collision, and other road or weather conditions. Impact-related injuries are trauma sustained by the body when a part of the body impacts the interior of a vehicle or the road; penetrating injuries refer to cuts and scrapes that may be caused by broken glass or other loose objects.


Falls are another common type of traumatic injury often evaluated at urgent care and emergency care centers. Slips and falls can occur anywhere, including workplaces, homes, and public areas. While many slips and falls cause only minor trauma, older individuals can sustain severe injuries that include fractures, internal bleeding, and head injuries, even when falling from a standing or sitting position. In younger patients, falls from a greater height or falls and other associated trauma that occur during sporting events are common, and should always be evaluated by a physician to determine the extent of the trauma and the best course of care.

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