Recognizing and Acting on Summertime Emergencies

Fun in the summer sun is a great way to bring together family members and friends. But if you’re planning to head to the beach, host a family picnic, or enjoy a workout in the summer sun this season, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the warning signs of medical problems. The summer heat in San Jose can quickly lead to heat-related illnesses, dehydration, and other problems. If you or a loved one does require emergency care, Regional Medical Center of San Jose is here to help.


Unless it’s treated quickly, dehydration can become severe enough to require emergency care. Even if your symptoms are mild, it’s important to seek appropriate care for this condition. Mild to moderate symptoms of dehydration include headache, muscle cramps, dry and cool skin, dark yellow urine, thirst, and a dry, sticky mouth. Severe dehydration can cause very low to no urine output, confusion, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, unconsciousness, delirium, shock, and sunken eyes.

Heat-Related Illnesses

When someone is having fun outdoors, it can be difficult to convince him or her to cool off or even to seek emergency care when the symptoms of heat-related illnesses arise. Watch this featured video to hear a doctor at Regional Medical Center of San Jose explain how you can help reluctant patients get the care they need. You just might save a life, since heat-related illnesses can become life-threatening. Some of the signs of heat exhaustion include a rapid pulse, nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, confusion, headache, and muscle cramps. If heat exhaustion is allowed to progress to heatstroke, the signs and symptoms can include a very high temperature, blurry vision, loss of consciousness, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, weakness, and seizures.

The emergency care physicians and nurses at Regional Medical Center of San Jose encourage our neighbors to become aware of the red flags of common medical emergencies and to seek immediate help when necessary. In addition to our emergency care services, our community hospital is a leading provider of stroke care, breast care, and robotic surgery for residents throughout the greater San Jose area. General healthcare questions may be directed to a registered nurse at (888) 762-8881.

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