Water Safety Guidelines to Remember When You Head to the Beach

During the hot summer months in San Jose, many families plan frequent trips to the beach to cool off and unwind. Although the beach is a top destination for recreation and relaxation, it’s important to keep in mind that the water can cause tragedy in the blink of an eye. Follow basic water safety guidelines to keep your family safe and reduce the possibility of an unexpected trip to the emergency care department at Regional Medical Center of San Jose.

Swim Classes

If you have young children, you might consider enrolling them in age-appropriate formal swimming lessons. Swim lessons are no substitute for constant adult supervision and they aren’t a foolproof way to completely prevent the possibility of requiring emergency care. However, they can help keep kids safe in and around the water.

Beach Designations

When your family heads to the beach, you should always confirm that a lifeguard is on duty before going down to the surf. Make sure your family stays within the designated areas patrolled by lifeguards.

Adult Supervision

Adult supervision is a must when children are around bodies of water, even when lifeguards are nearby. Supervising young children at all times can help prevent accidental drownings. If a near-drowning event does occur, adults can quickly step in and call for emergency care responders.

Buddy System

Adolescents and adults aren’t immune to accidental drownings, either. You can improve your safety by using the buddy system, even at a beach patrolled by lifeguards. The buddy system is particularly important when there are large groups of people at the beach. During peak swimming hours, it can be difficult for lifeguards to keep their eyes on everyone at all times.

The emergency care team at Regional Medical Center of San Jose wishes our neighbors a safe and fun summer season. If an accident does occur, our emergency care team is always on standby to save lives. Call 911 for medical emergencies; general health care questions may be directed to a registered nurse in San Jose at (888) 762-8881.

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