Trampolines Pose Dangers for Kids

Healthy play is important for cardiovascular wellness and muscular strength. However, it’s important to ensure that your children are playing on equipment that is both safe and appropriate. While trampolines are a common sight in many family backyards, they can pose a serious danger to children when used improperly or unsupervised—in fact, trampolines send hundreds of thousands of children to emergency care facilities across the nation every year.

Trampolines and Common Injuries

Trampoline use is associated with a wide range of injuries with the potential to send children to the emergency room. Head and neck injuries are among the most serious trampoline-related injuries, but trampolines can also cause serious cuts and fractures as well. Most injuries occur when children flip or tumble in midair, causing them to land on their head, neck, or shoulders. Other injuries may occur when children bounce too close to the edge of the trampoline and come into contact with the springs, frame, or ground.

Trampolines and Safe Play

Both general and emergency care providers agree that whenever possible, it’s best to skip the trampoline and encourage your kids to take part in other healthy cardiovascular activities, such as walking, bicycling, and swimming. If you do choose to allow your children to play on a trampoline , always inspect the equipment first to ensure it is secure and in good condition. Make sure to instruct children to use the trampoline one at a time and never allow flips or somersaults. Finally, always supervise children while they’re on the trampoline and take action immediately to stop behaviors that could result in injuries.

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