Do You Need to Go to the Hospital for a Rash?

In most cases, a rash is a simple, if annoying, condition that can be relatively easily managed with home care. There are instances when a rash is actually a sign that you need emergency care . How can you tell the difference between a rash that can be treated with over-the-counter medications and one that should be examined in the ER? If you experience any of these symptoms, consider getting emergency care for your rash.

Your rash is accompanied by a fever.

If you have a rash and a fever , it could be a sign of a serious condition, such as an infection, scarlet fever, or shingles. In some cases, a fever accompanied by a rash can also indicate meningitis, which requires urgent treatment. Although not every rash that appears alongside a fever is a cause for concern, getting an accurate diagnosis in the ER is important so you can begin treatment if there is a serious medical problem.

Your rash appeared suddenly.

A sudden rash that spreads quickly usually indicates that you are having an allergic reaction. Even if the rash seems like your only symptom at first, it can quickly become dangerous as the reaction intensifies. A rash could be the first stage of anaphylactic shock. Go to the hospital for emergency care if you experience a sudden rash, especially if you experience shortness of breath. Keep in mind that your second reaction to an allergen can be much more severe than you first, so don’t downplay your symptoms simply because they did not progress in a previous reaction.

Your rash is painful.

When rashes are painful, it usually means that they are infected or that you have an underlying condition, like shingles. An infection can become serious quickly and affect other parts of your body. An infected rash can also cause significant complications for people with diabetes, so seek emergency care quickly.

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