Don’t Die of Doubt: Call 9-1-1 to Get to the ER

The ramifications of delayed emergency care can include the need for more invasive treatments, lifelong disability, and even loss of life. Time is rarely more precious than when you think you or someone you love could be having a heart attack. Although it’s easy to second guess your symptoms and convince yourself that you can wait to see if they improve or that you can drive yourself to the hospital, doing so puts your life on the line. Calling 911 is the best thing you can do if you or someone you love is suffering from heart attack symptoms. Here is why dialing 911 matters.

Medical care starts when the operator answers.

Instead of waiting to be seen in the ER, medical care can begin as soon as you are connected to 911. The operator will ask questions about your symptoms and relay your answers to the EMS team so that they can be prepared. The 911 operator can also give you important advice, such as recommending whether to take an aspirin or whether you can eat or drink while you wait for the ambulance. When you can call 911 and begin the process of getting the urgent treatment you need, you will shorten your ER wait time and ensure the most comprehensive care available.

The EMS team can treat you in the ambulance.

When the trained EMS team arrives, they can perform an instant care assessment using equipment like an ECG to determine if you are having a heart attack. While you are in transit in the ambulance, the EMS workers begin life-saving treatment and work to stabilize your condition.

The ER will be ready for your arrival.

When you show up at the hospital unexpectedly, precious time is lost as the care team is assembled. If you call 911, the team will be awaiting your arrival and will have up-to-date information about your symptoms, since the EMS team will communicate with them throughout your trip.

The ER at the Regional Medical Center of San Jose provides life-saving, critical care any time of the day or night, including heart attack and stroke care. Call us at (888) 762-8881 to learn more.

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