You’ve Had Your Baby, Now What?

Most new parents are so focused on what to expect during labor and delivery that they scarcely think about what comes next. No matter how prepared you are, recovering from delivery and transitioning to life as parents is a process that takes time. At Regional Medical Center of San Jose, we provide extensive tools to new parents to ensure that they feel supported during this time. Here is a look at what you can expect in the days following your delivery.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms
For moms, hormone fluctuations begin almost immediately. As your body reverts back to its pre-pregnancy hormone levels, you may experience sore breasts, hot and cold flashes, and mood swings. Some mothers experience a more severe form of emotional change called postpartum depression. Postpartum depression usually persists for months after the birth and can lead to significant feelings of anxiety, sadness, and guilt. Help is available, so talk to your doctor if you are concerned about persistent depression. In addition to hormone-related changes, you will experience physical effects from the delivery itself, including vaginal discharge, constipation, and episodes of pain.

In the hospital, your care team will provide extensive information about everything from breastfeeding to safe sleeping positions for your baby. This patient education is especially valuable for new parents and can help you cope with the anxiety of bringing your baby home for the first time.

Newborn Mom Channel
At Regional Medical Center of San Jose, our Newborn Mom Channel is a resource that all new mothers can use at when they need answers about their own care and caring for their baby. As DeLynn Peltz, RN describes in this video, new moms use the channel to find information they may have forgotten after leaving the hospital.

At Regional Medical Center of San Jose, new families always have the support they need. We offer family-centered care in which mom and baby stay together throughout their stay and a multilingual staff to serve our community. You can request a referral to the Family Birthing Center in San Jose by calling (888) 762-8881.

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