How Regional’s patient education philosophy sets us apart

From April 3-9, 2017, the dedicated providers at Regional Medical Center of San Jose are celebrating National Public Health Week. This annual observance aims to make America the healthiest country through preventive medicine and robust public health systems. Here at Regional, we maintain an uncompromising commitment to giving our patients the best possible care. It’s our firm belief that ongoing patient education is an inextricable part of superior patient care.

How patient education helps you

Listen to this featured interview with one of our registered nurses to find out more about our approach to comprehensive patient education. She explains that patient education is a lifelong process that continually evolves and becomes especially crucial when a health problem develops. The goal of patient education is to empower patients to live life well .

Effective patient education accomplishes the following:

  • Improves your understanding of your diagnosis
  • Informs you about your treatment options
  • Lets you know what to expect
  • Tells you which health changes to watch out for
  • Answers your questions in a clear, easily understood way

Patient education is a cornerstone of medicine. It gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. The better you understand your health, the better you can support your quality of life.

How we approach patient education

Here at Regional Medical Center of San Jose, we bring together leading physicians, specialists and nurses who truly care about our patients. Our providers are exceptionally approachable and personable. We don’t believe in lecturing to our patients about what they should or shouldn’t do.

Instead, we believe that patient education is a two-way conversation that is focused on meeting your needs. It’s our mission to give you the tools and resources you need to make healthcare decisions.

How we deliver exceptional patient education

In addition to conversations with your healthcare providers, you can find reliable, accurate information from a number of sources. We offer The Patient Channel and The Wellness Network, which are available around the clock.

Our secure, online Patient Portal gives you access to your medical records any time you wish. Your records include your upcoming appointments, discharge instructions, lab results and medication list.

In addition to other resources, we offer ongoing classes and events, ranging from Pilates classes to infant care classes.

For all of your healthcare concerns and questions, Regional Medical Center of San Jose is here for you. We’re committed to giving you the uncompromising care you deserve across all of our departments—from emergency care and stroke care to robotic surgery and breast care. Call a member of our trusted nursing staff at (888) 762-8881.

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