How do nurses prepare for patient care?

When you visit a hospital, many aspects of your care are handled by the nursing staff. Nurses undergo intensive education and training to pass rigorous licensing requirements, but they also have ongoing professional development to give you the best possible care. Here at Regional Medical Center of San Jose , we’re celebrating the compassionate care provided by nurses during National Nurses Week from May 6-12.

What’s involved with professional development in nursing

When you watch this featured video, you’ll gain a sense of the in-depth and ongoing professional development standards we maintain at Regional Medical Center of San Jose. This registered nurse explains the basics of Competency Camp, which every nurse is required to complete at our hospital. Competency Camp is an intensive series of patient care experiences that takes teams of nurses through different departments of the hospital.

The nurses work with educators and other nurses of various specialties, such as telemetry and ICU nurses. During Competency Camp, our nurses benefit from learning from each other, and the result is that our patients receive the best possible, evidence-based care.

Why nursing is a team approach

During Competency Camp, nursing is clearly a team approach. But collaboration is crucial for all nurses, whether they are going through training or not. To uphold the highest standards of patient care and safety, it’s essential for nurses to be good communicators and to have a team-oriented attitude.

By working closely with each other and sharing insights, nurses can ensure the best possible care for the patient and improve the total hospital experience for the patient.

How nurses prepare for patient-focused care

Nurses are compassionate healthcare providers who keenly understand that a patient is much more than his or her diagnosis. Nurses strive to meet the needs of the whole person. A well-prepared nurse is just as skilled at delivering patient education as he or she is at lending emotional support to anxious patients.

Nurses prepare to meet the individual needs of each patient by reviewing the medical chart, speaking with other providers about that patient and attentively listening to the patient’s own concerns.

The nursing staff at Regional Medical Center of San Jose is firmly committed to healthcare excellence. We are a leading provider of superior emergency care, stroke care, breast care and robotic surgery for families throughout the greater San Jose area. You can speak with a friendly member of our nursing staff by calling (888) 762-8881.

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