How to start running without injuries

Are you ready to kick off a running regime? Running is an excellent aerobic exercise that can improve your heart health and help you to manage your weight, but the wrong form can also lead to injuries that put the brakes on your workout plan. Prevent joint and muscle injuries and visits to the hospital for emergency care by using these strategies to reduce the risk of running injuries.

Stretch before and after

The first and last part of every run should be stretching. When you stretch, you warm up your muscles and help them to cool down, so that they’re ready for the demands of running and for the necessary recovery afterward.

Spend about five minutes stretching on both sides of your running. Focus on your leg muscles, but don’t forget to stretch out the rest of your body as well. You’ll have a lower risk of suffering an injury and feel less sore in the morning.

Start slowly

When you’re new to running, don’t expect to run a marathon overnight. Start with short runs and build up your distances slowly to avoid injuries. When you’re new to running, it can be helpful to combine walking and running into a single workout until you’ve built up the stamina to run the entire distance.

There are numerous programs for new runners available online. You can also consult with a personal trainer or join a beginner’s running club in your area for tips on getting started safely.

Invest in the right shoes

Don’t skimp when it comes to your running shoes . Your shoes should support your arches and fit snuggly without being too tight. Don’t run in shoes with worn or uneven soles. The wrong shoes can lead to ankle and foot injuries quickly.

It can be helpful to visit a sports goods store and have your shoes fitted by a professional, who can assess your gait and foot arch to recommend the right shoes for you. If you have a history of foot or ankle problems, custom orthotics can help.

The orthopedics and joint replacement teams at Regional Medical Center of San Jose can help get everyone from seasoned athletes to weekend warriors out of pain and back in the game quickly. If you’re experiencing joint or muscle pain, call us at (888) 762-8881 for a physician referral.

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