Know when your health can’t wait

One question people often struggle with when faced with an illness or injury is whether to seek emergency care or to call their primary care physicians. As a general guideline, any time you are concerned that your symptoms could indicate a serious issue, go to the ER. It is preferable to seek emergency care for a problem that ends up being less urgent than to delay care in an emergency situation. If you experience any of these potentially serious problems, go to the ER for diagnosis and treatment.

Chest pain

Although chest pain does not always mean you are having a heart attack, it should always be evaluated in the ER. If you are having a heart attack, every second counts. The sooner you receive treatment, the more heart tissue the physicians will be able to save.

Chest pain is especially worrying when it is accompanied by dizziness, shortness of breath and pain in the left arm, upper back and neck.

Sudden speech problems

When someone begins slurring his or her words suddenly, a stroke could be to blame. Like heart attacks, fast treatment is essential during a stroke, so never avoid immediate care whenever this symptom appears.

Strokes can also cause drooping on one side of the body, vision problems and a sudden headache. Never risk waiting out these symptoms.

Severe bleeding

After an injury, severe bleeding can quickly lead to a medical emergency when it is not stopped. Getting emergency care can stop the bleeding before it leads to further complications.

Injuries that cause serious bleeding could also cause internal bleeding that you can’t see but that can be just as dangerous. Any time you experience a traumatic injury, get emergency care to ensure proper healing.

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