Assessing the safety of clinical trials

Clinical trials play a central role in the development of lifesaving treatments and medications. To achieve these treatment goals, it is necessary to have patients volunteer to participate in the trials. If your physician has recommended that you consider participating in a clinical trial, you may be concerned about safety. Here is what you need to know about the safety of clinical trial participation.

What is a clinical trial?
A clinical trial is a closely monitored, scientific study used to determine the efficacy of a new treatment. During a trial, participants are divided into two groups: one group that receives the new treatment and one that does not. Their responses are carefully tracked throughout the trial to determine if the treatment is more effective than those that are currently being used.

Clinical trials are an important part of the process of introducing a new drug or treatment technology to the market. As such, they are crucial for advancing and improving patient treatment outcomes for a wide variety of conditions.

How is safety monitored?
When a clinical trial involving patients is introduced, a lengthy period of safety testing has already been conducted. Clinical trials are never performed to see if a new drug or treatment is safe. Drugs and treatments that are dangerous to people don’t reach the stage of development at which a clinical trial is necessary.

As explained in the video, people involved in clinical trials are very closely monitored throughout the experience. In fact, during a clinical trial, patients tend to receive more medical care and evaluation than normal.

Will I get sicker during a clinical trial?
Patients who have a chronic medical condition that requires medical treatment, such as cancer or diabetes, are never without the medications or treatments they need during a clinical trial. Placebos are only used in clinical trials in cases in which not receiving a medication will not harm the patient’s health.

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