Do you recognize the signs of an eating disorder?

There are several types of eating disorders, and each can show different signs that indicate that an individual needs help. One thing all eating disorders have in common, however, is the danger of health problems ranging from gum disease to heart failure. That’s why it’s essential to recognize the signs in friends and loved ones and seek help through your trusted community hospital, Regional Medical Center of San Jose. We can assist you in exploring the best avenues of treatment for your loved one when you recognize the following warning signs.

Following a highly restrictive diet
Someone with an eating disorder may follow a very restrictive diet, avoiding whole food groups or sticking to a strict calorie count. In addition, the individual may have many rules about how he or she eats—no foods may be touching on a plate, for example, or there must be certain types of condiments present with every meal. People of all body types and backgrounds may develop eating disorders, so do not assume that being in a normal weight range disqualifies someone from having an eating disorder.

It’s also common for a person with an eating disorder to want to eat in private or have anxiety about attending public events where food is served.

Frequent health problems
It does not take long for an eating disorder to manifest health problems, because the body may be deprived of the nutrients it needs to function properly. You may notice the person getting sick more frequently, always appearing tired, fainting or feeling dizzy, or being much more frail and weak.

Defensive attitude toward comments about eating habits or appearance
You may notice that it’s difficult to broach a conversation about dieting or health with the individual. The person may be defensive when you ask if he or she has lost weight, or he or she might be hesitant to talk about dietary habits or personal health.

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