Why you should participate in Check Your Meds Day

If you’re like many people, over the years, the number of medications you take increases. You may eventually find yourself taking multiple pills every day without really considering the pros and cons of the doses and how you’re taking them. Check Your Meds Day is a chance to pause and review your medications and make sure they are still the most appropriate treatments for your needs. If a pharmacy is participating in Check Your Meds Day on October 21, 2018, here is what you need to know about the event and the benefits from taking part.

What happens during Check Your Meds Day?
On Check Your Meds Day, participating pharmacies perform brown bag checks of your medications. Simply bring in all of your medications, and you’ll have the chance to speak to a pharmacist about your treatment regime, side effects, and more.

As your pharmacist checks your medicines, he or she may ask your questions to assess how the medications are meeting your needs. Keep in mind that your pharmacist can’t change your prescriptions, but he or she can make recommendations that you can discuss with your physician.

Who should consider going to Check Your Meds Day?
Anyone who takes prescription medications on a regular basis can benefit from Check Your Meds Day. However, if any of these statements apply to you, the event can be especially beneficial:

  • Your medications are prescribed by different doctors.
  • You have more than one medication for the same health issue.
  • You struggle to pay for medication.
  • You experience medication side effects.
  • You have been taking the same medicines for longer than three months.

What are the benefits of attending?
When your pharmacist reviews your medications, he or she may be able to make important suggestions, such as:

  • Changing medications to a more affordable ones
  • Lifestyle strategies that can help to minimize side effects
  • Ways to change how you take medications to make them more effective

Your physician at Regional Medical Center of San Jose can review your Check Your Meds Day recommendations with you to see if any changes to your current healthcare regime would be beneficial. For more information about our hospital or a physician referral, please call (888) 762-8881.

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